Chauviteau Christophe (aka Butch McKoy)

Butch McKoy
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Mid-90’s, Butch is a fifteen-year-old teenager already dreaming of somewhere else. Back from 6 years in Indonesia, he tries his hand at metal music. Far from Paris, from its crowd and its urban violence. Genuine teen age you would say... Until he meets the Stooges, The Floyd and Sonic Youth, engraved in the vinyl grooves he discovers latterly. Anxious of his (re)deployment, « I love UFO » future singer finds his pseudonym in a comic strip (McKoy & Brother) and builds is ideal passport out of sights. Butch, because it sounds White trash and McKoy, because it sounds American. A kind of “war name” synthesizing all the artist’s fantasies: the distance, the lands across the Atlantic Ocean and the psychotropic worlds. That’s only the beginning of his trip.

Very singularly, as a celestial body, Butch McKoy took shape on the impulse of atoms: blues, noise and electric trance music came to be transplanted successively to his body. And all of it is only bound by a lot of love, the indivisible base for uncontrollable music. The basic principle remains simple: by-pass the easiness, multiply the experiences. Then Butch became first an « I Love UFO » ("Wish", in 2006), then another « Celestial Tramp » and finally an « Admire All ». So many side- projects he continues to be part of to this day. His philosophy: being in the multitude without ever losing sight of his essence, being Butch McKoy.

On the road, thus. Butch releases nowadays his first album - in English and composed alone. A bit of an hermit act, leering over the sea level, a record mastered in Ventura, California and a CD jacket realized by a member of the psychedelic Texas rock band " Black Angels " ... Chances do not exist when you have principles. " Welcome home " simply keeps up with what Butch began a few years ago, by opening up for Woven Hand gig or by taking part of the « Voyage » compilation of Pan European Recording. The title « Sin », a possessed panorama of the Mojave desert, California, embodies the full essence of this first solo album.

Oscillating between sweetness and pain, "Welcome Home" is an antithetical album. Recorded in a white–hot garage during the dog days of summer, this music has kept of this season only the suffocating part. An immersive work where Butch almost forgot to eat, to sleep et the cycles of the days. He proves with titles like « In front of the door» or «My den is yours» that his music can be violent (even unplugged) and introspective (but without lamentation). In the purest Lynchean tradition, the result is obvious: thirteen lonely songs that have the same effect on the listener as an emotive electroconvulsive therapy. Offering « Welcome Home » to an audience is a violent experience for the one that stand on the stage: he gives everything, he sees the time goes by and can never turn back the years

As in any initiatory trip, the most important thing is the way you stride along the way. In Butch‘s way, that’s the length that matters: the time you need to admire the landscape. His music is maybe, after all, nothing but a treasure hunt.