Jourgensen "Al" Alejandro Ramírez

Al Jourgensen/ Ministry (www)
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1 Play Ministry - Perfect Storm 04:56
2 Play Ministry - Thanx But No Thanx 08:21
3 Play Ministry - Enjoy The Quiet 02:40
4 Play Ministry - Change Of Luck 07:17
5 Play Ministry - Lesson Unlearned 03:16
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Alejandro Ramírez "Al" Jourgensen (born October 9, 1958), is a Cuban-American musician best known as the founder and frontman of the industrial metal band Ministry. He is sometimes credited as Alain Jourgensen, Alien Jourgensen, Hypo Luxa (his alias as a music producer), Dog, Alien Dog Star and Buck Satan. He is a member and/or founder of several industrial rock bands, performing as a singer, guitarist or keyboard player.

Jourgensen formed Ministry in 1981 after he left the band Special Affect, which was a new wave/synthpop band (notably including Frankie Nareiello, founding member (as Groove Man) of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and drummer Harry Rushakoff of Concrete Blonde).
The band broke into the mainstream with 1992's Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs album. One of its tracks, "N.W.O.", was nominated for a 1993 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, losing to Nine Inch Nails' "Wish". However, its next album, Filth Pig (1995), divided their fanbase, leading to a commercial decline that became evident when Warner Bros. Records dropped Ministry from the record label in 2001.
Ministry's latest albums, Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker, as well as the 2006 Revolting Cocks album Cocked and Loaded were released on Jourgensen's new record label, 13th Planet Records. He formed this label after falling out with the mainstream agendas of major industry labels

Ministry continued its involvement with the film project after Kubrick's death, and Jourgensen revealed that after initial tension, he and Steven Spielberg enjoyed a friendly relationship, with two compositions appearing on the soundtrack: "What About Us" and "Dead Practice".
A number of his songs also appear in other films, such as Wicked Lake (2008)—produced by Fever Dreams and ZP Studios—for which he composed the entire soundtrack that was released on his own 13th Planet record label—he also makes a small appearance in the film as an art school teacher.

Jourgensen and Paul Barker of Ministry worked as a music production team under the names Hypo Luxa and Hermes Pan, producing their own work as well as other Wax Trax! Records acts. Jourgensen also produced music for Reverend Horton Heat, Skinny Puppy, Dessau, Skrew, Rigor Mortis, and The Blackouts. Jourgensen's recording complex for the 13th Planet label is located within his home in El Paso, Texas, U.S.