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Kasia Klich (www)
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1 Play Kasia Klich - Calvados 04:01
2 Play K.Klich - Tribute to Szymborska - For Friends 04:26
3 Play Kasia Klich - Lepszy Model 03:47
4 Play Kasia Klich - Pies Ogrodnika 03:28
5 Play Kasia Klich - W Tobie Tone (radio edit) 03:22
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Kasia (born 11.05.1973 in Poznan) is a talented singer, composer & lyricist currently residing in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated from the Music Academy in Katowice where she studied jazz vocal, and went on to become a successful and recognizable Polish artist. She’s known for her melodic songs with humorous lyrics. In 2002 she’s been honored with Friderick Award in the category of "The New Face of Phonography". Her great success started because of  the first single - "Better Model".
Her solo albums include "Lepszy Model" (2002), "Kobieta - Szpieg" (2003), "Zaproszenie" (2006) and "Porcelana" (2008), all of which were produced by Yaro, who is her partner in private.