Kozidrak Jarosław

Jarosław Kozidrak (WWW)
No Play Artist - title Length
1 Play Bajm - Dwa Serca, Dwa Smutki 05:02
2 Play Bajm - Goraca Krew 04:02
3 Play Bajm - Nie Ma Wody Na Pustyni 04:00
4 Play Bajm - Tam Gdzie Raj 03:43
5 Play Bajm - Rozowa Kula 05:15
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After graduating from art school (sculptor class) he decided to choose music and soon he founded BAJM - which is now one of the best known bands in Poland. He is also a composer of BAJM's evergreens: “Piechotą do lata” (“to Summer on foot”), “Rano” (“Morning”), “Nie ma wody na pustyni” (“There is no weather on the desert”). After leaving BAJM he focused mainly on being an author of pop, blues and rock’n’roll songs. Sometimes he is also an arranger and a performer.