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1 Play Terezanyu Soundtrack - Angel 03:44
2 Play Terezanyu Soundtrack - Terezanyu 01:53
3 Play Madarasz Gabor - Csak sex soundtrack - Bar 01:24
4 Play Terezanyu Soundtrack - Allits meg 02:08
5 Play Terezanyu Soundtrack - En nem vagyok olyan stabil 02:13
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Gábor Madarász aka Madi is a great guitarist, fruitful composer and arranger. His main genres are rock, pop-rock and blues. He started his musical career in the nineties in a local band called Radír, which later turned to be called October. The music was similar U2.
After the split up Madi moved to Austria to improve his guitar-technic and a bit later became the background guitarist of the long-time popular Artist; Pierrot and worked together with him for years. He became more and more popular among well - known Artists, for example he was guitarist, arranger and composer of Ákos. He used to work with him from 1993 till 2001. He also became composer, arranger and guitarist in more bands, such as “Azok a fiúk”, “Mex”, “No TV”.
Besides working with these bands and Ákos on records and concerts he started to produce music to TV-programs, advertisements and more and more movies. Among some others he is the composer of “Állítsátok meg Terézanyut!” (2004),“Csak szex és más semmi”  (2005), “Konyec-Az utolsó csekk a pohárban” (2007) and the “Kaméleon” (2008).
The end title was sang by Magdi Rúzsa who he works with since 2006 as guitarist, composer and arranger. He was also a member of the 34 years old Hobo Blues Band since 2006 where he was an arranger too and produced the Hungarian Gramy awarded album of Hobo.
In 2012 he wrote and produced the multi platinum album for Magdi Rúzsa. Madi is also the band leader for Magdi, who became one of the most playing live act in Hungary.
Madi is one of the best Hungarian guitarists and currently belongs to the most fruitful advertising composers in Hungary.


Besides being an active artist himself and collaborating with others, Gábor turned to composing film music and quickly gained fame and popularity as a soundtrack composer.
The audience could taste his talent in numerous TV and film productions, among them:

“Állítsátok meg Terézanyut!” (2004),
“Csak szex és más semmi”  (2005),
“Konyec-Az utolsó csekk a pohárban” (2007)
“Kaméleon” (2008).