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Justyna Steczkowska (born August 2, 1972 ) is a Polish singer, song-writer and actress.
She comes from a big musical family, and played violin in a family band before becoming a solo singer. She has a vocal range of four octaves.
Steczkowska became famous when she won a song contest in Poland "Szansa na sukces" with the song "Buenos Aires". Later, she represented Poland in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contecst with the song "Sama", ("Alone") which was placed eighteenth. ??Her first Album "Dziewczyna Szamana" sold over 350 000 (3xPlatinium) ?Her other albums like "Naga", "Dzien i noc" "To moj czas" where very succesfull ?She received multiple awards including a Fryderyk for The Best Song of The Year. ?She appeared in two films: "Billboard" and "Na koniec świata" (To the End of the World). Steczkowska was also a composer (together with Antoni Łazarkiewicz) of the soundtrack to "Na koniec świata" movie.??Steczkowska worked with such big Polish artist like: Grzegorz Ciechowski aka. Ewa Omernik, Katarzyna Nosowska or Edyta Bartosiewicz.?She also recorded with famous Hungarian composer and pruducer Viktor Rakonczai (the winner of many prestigious awards, such as: VIVA Comet, European Golden Artist Award, Artisjus Composer Of The Year).??The Hungarian version of one of Justyna's song: "Kim tu jestem?" was used in Hungarian movie: "Halalkeringo"?
After a few CDs with her own songs, she released Alkimja, a compilation of Jewish songs in new arrangements.
In 2013, she was revealed as one of the coaches on the second series of the talent show  The Voice of Poland.
She sold over 750,000 albums.