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The right music helps you to create the right atmosphere, underlining the emotions created by your pictures!
We will help you to find the right song or the composer/writer to create the work especially for your project. Working like a music consultant (but without taking a fee for our input) we are ready to search and find the right music in co-operation with your creative staff.

Find the right contact here

If you have already found the song you like to license, then please download our license request forms here and send them to the e-mail address specified on the form.


If you would like to perform / record a cover version or any other adaptation of an original work then please contact our creative staff – we will help you to find the right song. We have songs never performed before or songs which have been hits in other parts of the world but never used in your country etc. If they are of interest to you, for sure we will find the right one!
If you have already picked the song you like to use as a cover or other adaptation, then please use the below cover request form to apply for the obligatory permission.

License request forms

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    Synchronization for Movie and TV
  • » download [doc] , [pdf]
    Synchronization for Commercial
  • » download [doc] , [pdf]
    Synchronization for Computer game
  • » download [doc] , [pdf]
    Cover & adaptation request

or please contact to our Synch Licensing team in Your country.