LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU for the new O2 TV campaign

We are pleased to anounce that O2 Czech Republic chose song „Let Me Entertain You“ performed by Robbie Williams for their new campaign for O2 TV service. This time the video was shot according to the chosen song as a movie from a fashion show. The campaign is called „O2 TV – televize, co vám zamotá hlavu“ = O2 TV – television that will tangle your head.
Campaign details:
Composers: Guy Chambers & Robbie Williams 50%)
Controlled: 50%
Catalogue: Kobalt Music Services
Type of use: backgroud music
Number of scripts: 1x60” + 7x20”
Recording: original by Robbie Williams (Universal Music) 
Territory: Czech Republic
Term: 3 months
Media: TV & geo-gated Internet in-context streaming (including paid-for advertising and social networks).