“Planeta Singli” - the best choice for Valentine's Day date

This is the newest romantic comedy directed by Mitja Okorn with many Polish star like: Maciej Stuhr, Agnieszka Wiedlocha, Danuta Stenka, Tomasz Karolak...
This movie is promoted by the trailer with song from our catalogue:  "Elastic Heart" (Swanson / Pentz / Furler) performed by SIA. We are happy that the same song was used in the scene of this movie 

Ania is a slightly old-fashoned teacher of music, who has very little time to devote to her personal life.  She takes care of her mother, who refuses to leave the house since her husband died some time ago. Short for options, Ania decides to start dating men on the internet. At her first date she accidentally meets Tomek – a TV showman and comedian. Their first meeting is a disaster because Ania naively opens up to Tomek about her views on life and love and he kills her with his ruthless wit. To make matters worse, Tomek turns the conversation into a segment on his show...

Song:  "Elastic Heart"
Authors: Sia Furler / Thomas Penz / Andrew Swanson 
Performer: SIA
Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing / Budde Music Publishing / Shubert Music Publishing 
Music consulting: Sirens Konsultacje Muzyczne & Licencje Autorskie