"Beyond the sea" by Bobby Darin in in Hungarian Telekom's Spotify commercial

Hungarian Telekom seek for a song to their spot which has a special romantic yet not too sweet mood. Song had to be memorable but having more of a classical value than wild-range popularity and interesting for older and today's generations.

They found this song in our repertoire called "Beyond the sea" by Charlest Trenet, Jack Lawrence and Albert Larsy. The song was also performed by Django Reinhardt, George Benson, Robbie Williams (this version was used in the adorable movie "Finding Nemo"). In the spot the song is performed by the artist, musician and producer Bobby Darin.

Song is used on internet, TV for two months in Hungarian territory and shows how easily Spotify can be used and link generations such as grandfather and grandchild.
Title: "Beyond the sea"
Authors / composers: Charlest Trenet, Jack Lawrence and Albert Larsy
Published by: Raoul Breton Editions
Sub-published: Schubert Music Publishing