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Xaver Fischer Trio & Dumdidum

After two (!) incredibly creative days the Xaver Fischer Trio wrapped up their sessions with eleven brand new tracks. While recording they followed their own set of rules: No Sequencing | No Quantize | No Loops | No Overdubs | No More Than Three Takes | No Digital Editing | No Clicktrack | No Recording Of Things You Can't Perform Live.
The glorious result is an album that shows the typical Xaver Fischer Trio sound topped with an unmistakably fresh new breeze.

Schubert Music represents master rights only!

Al Supersonic & The Teenagers - It's alright!

The Teenagers' music sounds like Al Green enters Willie Mitchell's Hi-Studio for the first time, as if Archie Bell committed the „TSU Toronadoes“ as his backing band and recorded "Tighten Up", as if Issac Hayes conducted the Stax horn section, all that sounds like Northern Soul. That blueprint of dance music that was created on the northern english club scene, finding its way throughout Europe, animating thousands of hipsters to some real acrobatic dancing...(Lars Bulnheim, Superpunk 2013)

Schubert Music Publishing has both publishing and master rights so these new tracks will enrich our offer of one stop songs.

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