Christophe Chaviteau aka Butch McKoy performing in "Lucrece Borgia" (Victor Hugo)

We are happy to confirm that SMP author / artist Butch McKoy has been selected to perform his music live as a part of the drama «Lucrece Borgia» directed by David Bobee(CDN Haute-Normandie) from April 2014 to April 2015 in approximately 140 shows.
Oscillating between sweetness and pain, "Welcome Home" is an antithetical album. Recorded in a white–hot garage during the dog days of summer, this music has kept of this season only the suffocating part. He proves with titles like « In front of the door» or «My den is yours» that his music can be violent (even unplugged) and introspective (but without lamentation). In the purest Lynchean tradition, the result is obvious: thirteen lonely songs that have the same effect on the listener as an emotive electroconvulsive therapy. Offering « Welcome Home » to an audience is a violent experience for the one that stand on the stage: he gives everything, he sees the time goes by and can never turn back the years

As in any initiatory trip, the most important thing is the way you stride along the way. In Butch‘s way, that’s the length that matters: the time you need to admire the landscape. His music is maybe, after all, nothing but a treasure hunt. 

We hope you will enjoy his music:

Butch McKoy
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1 Play Butch McKoy - On The Road edit 02:34
2 Play Butch McKoy - My den is yours 03:29
3 Play Butch McKoy - In front of the door 03:50
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5 Play I Love UFO - Ashtray 09:03
6 Play I Love UFO - Die With The Snake 04:05
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