Christopher Paul Stelling - a new SMP author !

We are happy to announce that we have a signed deal with Christopher Paul Stelling, whose great Americana record comes out on June 18th. We have worldwide admin rights and co-publishing on the new record “Labor Against Waste” and his 2 previously self-released albums.

The Rolling Stone magazine wrote: "There is a fearless quality to the music of Christopher Paul Stelling. A voice that sounds both old and young, an effortless yet intricate finger-picking guitar style and lyrics that are both dramatic, and intensely confessional. It’s a sound that channels the restless spirit of a young man who left home to travel the country, haunting and impassioned songs formed by endless nights alone on stage with a guitar, playing to packed houses, other times to nearly empty rooms. Stelling estimates that he’s played over four hundred shows in just the past three years. It places him within a longstanding tradition that serves to nurture ones character and art."

To read more please visit our website:,StellingChristopher_Paul,538

(WWW) Christopher Paul Stelling
No Play Artist - title Length
1 Play Christopher Paul Stelling - Brick X Brick 03:30
2 Play Christopher Paul Stelling - Never Been There 05:32
3 Play Christopher Paul Stelling - Free To Go 03:25
4 Play Christopher Paul Stelling - King Is Dead 03:10
5 Play Christopher Paul Stelling - Little Broken Birds 04:19
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