!DELA DAP in Poland for the first time!


We are excited to let you know that our Austrian friends from !DELA DAP will come to Poland to perform on Pozytywne Wibracje Festival in Bialystok on 20th July.


This will be their first visit to Poland but we are sure they will enjoy it very much.

Pozytywne Wibracje Festival is a part of their 2012 World Tour promoting a new album “I Know What You Want” With !DELA DAP there is always fresh-eared musical curiosity and constant exchange. Between the frenzy and the heated dance-fests of their live-work, where they celebrate the moment with their audience (ignoring any given notions or definitions of „liveband vs dj-set“ ...) and the long hours in the studio, where in extensive sessions top-notch recording technology is used to get closer to the soul of the !DELA DAP sound. This spirit and approach led to „I Know What You Want“ with its 13 tracks, easily the most fully realised work by !DELA DAP so far. One of the strongest songs here might be called „Crazy Swing“ – and yes, it swings like crazy! – but what !DELA DAP deliver with this album is essentially pop-music in their very own musical dialect that effortlessly – when listening or dancing to it! – transcends the definitions of „worldmusic“, „dance-track“ or „pop-song“ without missing a beat a or a vocal- line to sing along to.

!DelaDap is for sure going to Crazy Swing You in Bialystok!