"Feel Lucky" Lucy & The Cloud Parade in trailer of Jacek Lusiński's movie "Carte Blanche"

We kindly inform that the song represented by Schubert Music Publishing, "Feel Lucky" Lucy & The Cloud Parade, has been used as background in trailer of the movie "Carte Blanche". Additionally, another song from our catalog, "Sinnerman" Nina Simone, was used in the movie as bacground for a scene.

"Carte Blanche" is a true story of Kacper (in this role Andrzej Chyra), a middle-aged high-school history teacher, who begins to lose his eyesight. The medical diagnosis leaves no hope. Initially heartbroken, he attempts to hide his health problems from the outside world.

The movie just has its premiere. We like it very much, hope so do you :)
Song 1: „Feel Lucky”
Words and music: Tim Myers
Artist: Lucy and the Cloud Parade
Published by: Zync Music Inc /  Kobalt Music Services America Inc Kmsa
Sub-published: Schubert Music Publishing
Licensed: Zync Music Inc.

Song 2: „Sinnerman”
Music and words: traditional, adaptation by Nina Simone
Published by: WB Music Corp.
Sub-published: Warner/Chappell Music Poland