"Forza" (Florian Senfter) by Zombie Nation in campaign of o2 pl - "The heart of Internet"

The campaign of o2.pl in Poland started at the beginning of October. This is the campaign supporting the new look and visual identity of o2.pl portal (part of the Group's Virtual Poland).

The storyboard is based on a new slogan "o2 - the Heart of Internet". The campaign is directed mainly to people aged 15-35 years old - the majority of portal's users. It was prepared and realized by Grandes Kochonos and ZenithOptimedia Group.

As a background we can hear the song composed by Florian Senfter and performed by Zombie Nation titled "Forza". Schubert Music Publishing represents 100% publishing rights.
Title: “Forza”
Authors: Florian Senfter
Publishers: UKW Publishing Senfter Florian adm. by Rolf Budde Musikverlag
Sub-Published: Schubert Music Publishing
Performer: Zombie Nation
Creation: Grandes Kochonos
Media house: ZenithOptimedia Group