Hit of the Year 2014 in Poland – “Księżniczka” by Sylwia Grzeszczak

“Księżniczka” is a single from the latest album of Sylwia Grzeszczak – “Komponując siebie”, released by EMI a year ago.

We have two good news regarding this album. First one is that it was produced by our friend from Hungary, great producer – Victor Rakonczai. Second one is that the songs from this album -  “Zaćmienie” - has been co-written by Maria Sadowska – singer and songwriter published by Schubert Music.

Below you'll find a few words about the Artists involved in this project:

Viktor Rakonczai - is one of the most distinguished and beloved young Hungarian composers who owes his fame to his frequent collaborations with the established artists as well as newcomers but also to his composition for the film and documentaries. You can read more about him on our website: http://schubertmusic.com/author,Rakonczai_Viktor,251

Maria Sadowska - a great composer, lyricist, very popular vocalist and even a movie director. She started her carrier in her teens as a kid singer. One of her first singles -  “Crazy” was a big success even in Japan! Her compositions are a mix of music styles: jazz, reggae, pop and club music. One of her albums “Tribute to Komeda”  is a homage paid to Krzysztof Komeda and contains his most recognised compositions with Marysia's lyrics. It quickly became gold in 2006 and is still very popular. Maria Sadowska writes also music for movies and TV productions. Marysia is recognised and respected also by other Artists who value her original, sensitive and passionate lyrics.

Sylwia Grzeszczak - is a Polish singer-songwriter and pianist currently signet to EMI Music Poland. She is very popular in Poland and her songs are on the top of music playlists all the time. More about Sylwia: http://sylwiagrzeszczak.pl/