Hungarian Telekom and Quimby – the beloved local band - has a strong cooperation in a heartwarming winter campaign in Hungary

Hungarian Telekom was seeking to collaborate with an exceptional and authentic talent for their seasonal campaign.
Telekom has found a special and heartwarming spirit for the winter season in "Lámpát ha gyújtok" ("If I turn the light on") written by Tibor Kiss and Szilárd Balanyi and approached Quimby to agree on a long term cooperation.

The first phase of this agreement is embodied in this year’s seasonal campaign about making dreams coming true  (with the services and equipments of Telekom).
The campaign is focued around three young musician girls (who are actual musicians and fans of the band) who had rearranged the Quimby song for their repertoire. This cover is the core of the winter campaign. Just as they are about to perform it for their friends members of Quimby appear and join in. Their mutual gig turns out to be such a success that they decide to collaborate further.
Telekom suggests that reality can be as unlimited as dreams with the help of their services and products. 
Quimby considered to be a self-made, alternative band who is on stage for more than 20 years so they are good example of success of belief and cooperation with others.

The campaign is going to be broadcast for 2 months.
The story-telling spots have holy mood but in an ecumenical way which is also an unusually open-minded solution around Christmas.
Song: "Lámpát ha gyújtok" ("If I turn the light on")
Written by Tibor Kiss and Szilárd Balanyi
Artist: Quimby
Publisher: Schubert Music Publishing