INNA and her newest single "INNdiA"!


The time has come for INNA’s newest single - “INNdiA” - to sweep you away and enchant you with rhythm and color!
Her new track was released at the end of summer 2012, together with a sexy video. With a dazzling cast of dancers and INNA’s combination of enticing moves and feminine vocals, the new video tells the story of passion and feminism. A true wonderland of desire, the song seems to be alive with the very rhythms that made Inna famous all over the world!
“INNdiA” will be part of a new album, after her second album, “I am the Club Rocker”, that already went gold and platinum in territories all over the world. Other massive hits to be heard on the material are: “Sun is up”, “Un Momento”, “Club Rocker”, “Endless” and others.