"In the air tonight" by Phil Collins in image campaign of Radio Zet, Poland 2017

Radio ZET is one of the biggest radio station in Poland. In their image campaign they used "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins that is sub-published by Schubert Music.

The image spot is really great. It shows people in different situations of their every-day life, sometimes not typical and the music in the radio that helps in difficult moments, propel to action. And this is its power.
Title: „In The Air Tonight”  
Artist: Phil Collins
Music and words: Phillip Collins
Published and sub-published: Imagem Music / Schubert Music Publishing                         

Client: Eurozet Sp. z o.o.
Creation: Isobar
Director: Marek Dawid
Producer: Dynamo
Media house: Zenith
Product: image campaign of Radio ZET, "The power of music"