"It's my life (Don't worry)" by Chawki and Dr Alban in an image campaign of Radio Vox FM in Poland

"Hits' Hunters" - this is the slogan of Radio Vox's image campaign that started 2nd of March in Poland. For sure you'll agree, that "It's my life (Don't worry)" is a hit, isn't it?

The gadget of the campaign are car video-recorders. The gadgets may be won by the listeners of the radio, so that everyone can register their child's reaction to the VOX FM. At the same time the listeners will be able to take part in a special competition "Hits' Hunters" with a cash prize. Will you take part? :)

Enjoy the video!
Title: „It’s My Life (Don’t Worry)”
Artist: Chawki ft. Dr Alban  
Words and music: Rachid Azis, Travon Potts, Nadir Khayat, Alban Nwapa, Volle Dag Krister
Published by: Ole Media management LP, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing  
Sub-published: Schubert Music Publishing / SM Publishing / Universal Music Publishing

Media house: Starcom
Creation: Grupa 13