"JAK minął dzień" in Heyah campaign in Poland

"Jak minął dzień" (Eng. "How was your day") - one of Polish evergreens -  has been pitched for the newest commercial of mobile operator Heyah. This comes as great news as the song was composed by Wojciech Trzciński who is represented by SMP!

Wojciech Trziński is a great composer of pop, film and theatre music. He is also known as an instrumentalist, arranger, conductor, producer and publisher. You can find more information about him on our website: http://schubertmusic.com/author,Trzcinski_Wojciech,257

Song: "Jak Minął Dzień" by Krzysztof Krawczyk
Music: Wojciech Trzciński
Words: Jerzy Kleyny
Published by: Schubert Music Publishing (50%)
Production of commercial: Interactive Solutions i Engine