Jarring Effects a famous French independent label and publisher now joins Schubert Music!

Jarring Effects is a famous French independent label of electronic music influenced from dub to Hip-Hop with a history that started on the slopes of Croix Rousse hill (Lyon) around a group of artists and technicians. 
Firstly 1901 law’s association, the increasing number of activities (such as recording studio, booking, label) leads to structure reorganization. Therefore, the label part of the association has been transformed into a cooperative and participative corporation. Today the collective Jarring Effects is composed of three entities with different and complementary activities: Active Disorder (association) with the organization of concerts and Festival (Riddim Collision), Jarring Effects (association) with concert production, and finally Jarring Effects Label.
 Since the beginning all the group promotes cultural diversity for everyone, especially in music, as a fundamental value, ensuring social balance. The label takes its image from electro-dub by the success of High Tone, Ez3kiel or Brain Damage. Jarring Effects works however also with a broader catalog of pop artists Erotic Market, Interlope and with international artists Capetown Effects, Filastine, Virus Syndicate, Oddateee, Reverse Engineering, Scorn, Vuneny, Playdoe and Ben Sharpa.
In 2013, Jarring Effects Label became Publisher and created a netlabel: JFXLab. JFX Lab wants to be a visionary new musical actor involved in his time. Aware of those issues and of the musical industry crisis, JFX Lab wants homing, being new-trend and new practice and new-artist land-clearer. JFX Lab acknowledges that internet can reveled treasure as artists and a quality musical offer. 


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