"Jungle Drum" in opening title of new TV series from TVN station - "Sama Słodycz"

Everybody knows Emilana Torrini's hit "Jungle Drum". It was a single of the 2009 record "Me and Armini". Polish TVN station decided to refresh it and put in opening titles of new TV series "Sama Słodycz" ("Pure Sweetness").
The video is really funny and very colourful. For sure you can watch it again and again!

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Song: "Jungle Drum" Emiliana Torrini
Music and words: Emiliana Torrini, Daniel de Mussenden Carey
Published by: Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. and Manata Ltd. adm. by Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd.  
Sub-published: Warner/Chappell Music Poland