Les Ogres directed by Léa Fehner, produced by Philippe Liégeois / BUS Films

Here comes a new French film: „Les Ogres” made by Lea Fehner and produced by Philippe Liegeois/BUS Films. Our French Schubert Music Publishing office was much engaged in the music production and at the same time is the publisher of the picture. The music was composed by Philippe Cataix and you can find it released on CD as well as in the digital version. It contains Ogres’ hymn “A Woman” which reached no 9 on Itunes in the film music category.
The picture is a contemporary tale about a touring theatre which visits one city after another with its show. The tale takes us into the world of dreams and disorder. This is the world of the ogres, giants which devoured women, children even a whole theatre and the kilometres. But today when they are getting older nobody wants this old age. So now is the time for Celebration!