"Lift Me Up" by Moby in campaign of Soproni beer in Hungary

We are happy to inform that the song "Lift me up" by Moby, represented by us, has been used in commercial of Soproni beer (Heineken) in Hungary.

A really uplifting summer spot was made with the usage of this great Moby song "Lift me up!" for a local Hungarian beer.
Speciality of spot is it has a good-deed aim. 10HUF (0,04EUR) from one bottle's fee. Usage offered to a non-profit organization (Ökomenikus Segélyszervezet) who is launching a nation-wide campaign for unemployed people not to give up finding a job. According to the current forecast the gathered amount can reach 100.000.000 HUF (333.000.000 EUR) that will help the organization to fund their operation for years.

So, drink beer and enjoy the video :)
Song: "Lift me up"
Artist: Moby
Words / music: Richard Hall
Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing
Sub-published: Schubert Music Publishing