MONO INC Live DVD out on March 11th!


For years MONO INC fans have been asking for a live DVD and a live album, yet the answer remained the same: Someday it will happen, but they are not ready yet. MONO INC did not hesitate for distrust of our performance or our playing abilities, we simply felt too young and too verdant for this step.

A live DVD? Only the big and established bands are releasing DVDs - bands, we have always looked up to. No, they felt a far cry from ready! Recent years have been turbulent. Restless, hungry for success, and also a bit naive, they raced from city to city, from studio to studio, and from interview to interview. You fail to realize how things around you change, when you never stop, even for just a moment, but there was no time for that.

Until that fateful night in Texas in September 2014: the last notes of the new album "Terlingua" had been recorded, as the four of the band sat around the fire, admiring the starry, endless sky and sharing stories from last ten years of MONO INC. They remembered a gig with a mere two paying guests back in 2009 in a little pub in Brunswig, Germany. They remembered nights they drove non-stop in a van, sharing the cargo hold with their equipment as the budget would not allow for a hotel. They remembered an icy backstage, frozen beer, and the worst chili con carne of our lives, back then in another small club in Osnabruck, Germany - precisely those hardships and challenges every young band has to endure.

But they also remembered their first Top 10 album in the German charts in 2012 and the subsequent tour through larger venues. In retrospect, the album "After the War" was likely the so-called breakthrough, as they have proudly witnessed every MONO INC. album since reach the Top 10 and somehow the venues didn’t shrink either. Slowly, it began to dawn on them, that the statement "we are not ready for a live DVD, yet" no MONO INC. Fan would believe anymore. And neither did they! Inspired by this epiphany, they added fuel to the fire again, poured another round of tequila and emailed their label this two-liner:

"NOW we are ready! Let’s finally do this “goddamn“ live DVD!"

Martin Engler (January 2016)

Martin Engler: vocals Katha Mia: drums Carl Fornia: guitars Manuel Antoni: bass 


CD/DVD Disc 1

  1. 1  Arabia

  2. 2  This is the day

  3. 3  Temple of the torn

  4. 4  Never-Ending Love Song

  5. 5  Kein Weg zu weit

  6. 6  Heile, heile Segen

  7. 7  My sick mind tv

  8. 8  It never rains

  9. 9  Symphony of pain

  10. 10  Gothic queen

  11. 11  Chasing cars

CD/DVD Disc 2

  1. 1  An klaren Tagen

  2. 2  In my heart

  3. 3  Drumbattle Part I

  4. 4  Drumbattle Part II

  5. 5  Forgiven

  6. 6  Revenge

  7. 7  After the war

  8. 8  Mondschein

  9. 9  Get some sleep

  10. 10  Tag X

  11. 11  Voices of doom

Produced by Martin Engler for NoCut Entertainment
Recorded in Dresden, November 2015
Recorded by Marc Schettler
Mixed by Marc Schettler und Martin Engler at Hafenklang Studio, Hamburg Mastering by Marc Schettler at Hafenklang Studio, Hamburg