Maria Sadowska - SMP writer and established artist now debuts as a film director!


“Women's Day” is a full-length debut of Maria Sadowska, which proved to be a revelation of the renowned International Film Festival in Cottbus (Grand Prix for the best film showing "a strong woman in the unjust and cruel world"). This is a story inspired by true incidents, compared by critics to "Erin Brockovich" by Steven Soderbergh.

The screenplay was written by Maria Sadowska and Katarzyna Terechowicz. It is worth mentioning that Maria Sadowska is also the composer of the soundtrack for the film. The Producer  is Munk Studio (at the Polish Filmmakers Association).

The film is on the big screen since March, 8th and has already won several awards:

- Grand Prix in Cottbus Festival of East Young European Cinema (2012)
- The award of Janusz "Cuba" Morgenstern for Maria Sadowska (debut)
- Koszalin Debut Film Festival “Young and the Movie” (2012) - a screenplay for Maria Sadowska and Katarzyna Terechowicz.
- Toronto Polish Film Festival (2012) - a screenplay for Maria Sadowska and Katarzyna Terechowicz
- Paris, Festival "Cinema Poland" (2012) - Audience Award