Mary, did you know in Letters to Santa 2

13.11.2015 was the premiere of the Polish movie „Letters to Santa 2” (Polish „Listy do M. 2”).  We are happy that one of the song used in this movie is: 
“Mary, did you know” ( Lowry / Greene ) from Warner/Chappell catalog performed by Pentatonix

"Listy do M.2”  is a Polish romantic comedy film with a Christmas atmosphere and the cast full of stars. It is touching story about ordinary people who on the magical day of the year discover something unusual and magic. 

This is the newest film of Maciej Dejczer produced by TVN SA / Kino Świat
This  is a continuation of the hit comedy „Listy do M” ( Letters to Santa) which saw in the cinemas over 2,5 million Poles.
In the sequel the main characters will return but also there will be some new characters which fall into love trouble.The filmmakers also this time managed to invite to their project an excellent cast.