Moderat new album is out! 


Is this music? Or is it a force of nature? Modeselektor’s bass lines split the earth in two, and crazy trumpets announce that the end is nigh. Just when you think that you have fallen victim to this electronic madness, the clouds clear and Apparat’s voice – graceful and very beautiful – comes down from on high. In Moderat’s world, full- on party and profoundness are no contradiction. When Modeselektor and Apparat meet again on their second album, we come full circle.

No choice is left - just listen to their new album Moderat II and enjoy the music. Also see them live in Katowice, Poland on 25th August during #8 Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival. This, for sure, will be unforgetable performance!

Schubert Music as a sub-publisher (obo Budde Musikverlag) keeps the fingers crossed!

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