Movie "Miasto 44" - the most awaited premiere of the year

The movie directed by Jan Komasa had its premiere in Poland on 19th September 2014. Three songs from our catalogs have been used for illustration of some scenes. We are very proud!

The preparation and realization of the movie lasted 8 years. It's a film about love, youth, courage and sacrifice, taking place during the Warsaw Uprising.
The film was awarded by Golden Lions on the Movie Festival in Gdynia for the best leading female role (debut Zofia WichĹ‚acz, who plays "Biedronka"), the best sound effects (Bartosz Putkiewicz) and the best special effects (created by Richard Bain). In addition it was awarded by the "Golden kittens" (Award of the Youth Council) and Anna Próchniak (playing Kama), a graduate of the Film School - by "Rising Star ELLE".

The movie includes three songs from our catalogs:

1. "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" (Benjamin / Durham / Marcus / Seiler) The Ink Spots - 100% Warner/Chappell Music
2. "Where Or When" Lena Horne (Hart / Rogers) - 100% Warner/Chappell Music
3. "Wenn die SS und die SA aufmarschiert" Rolf Hildebrant - 100% Edition Intro Meisel