"Nowhere" Lee la loa is played by BBC 6 Radio

Lee la Loa is a fresh musical project from Wroclaw (Poland) with strong roots and musical baggage of experience. To a team of four musicians joined the vocalist that her charisma and sense of aesthetics surrounding sounds, perfectly reached an agreement with producer of the band and thereby they created an alternative project, which is Lee la Loa. The road which follows the music band that is inspired by the works of the band as Radiohead.


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Lee La Loa
No Play Artist - title Length
1 Play Lee la Loa - Nowhere 03:37
2 Play Lee La Loa - Little Love Story 03:21
3 Play lee la loa - the dreams machine 03:24
4 Play Lee La Loa - Purple Sky 03:09
5 Play Lee La Loa - Waiting for the storm 03:32
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