Please enjoy some new releases of Pate Records & Publishing of Edition Rossori:


The GFs [Gi Efs] (aka Goodfellas) are an acoustic rock'n'roll band from Prague, noted for their typical acoustic sound, focused on authentic live shows. In their four years together they have played nearly 400 live performances and have built a strong fanbase in the Czech Republic. Their intensive work has been recognized by the Czech Academy of Popular Music that awarded The GFS to “Best Newcomer of 2011”. The prize was given for their album ROBBERY BLUES, which recorded last year in California under respected producer Chris DiBeneditto.

“Im Pfusch” (eng.: mend clumsily) it is tellingly named and treated 52 minutes in 15 songs between waltz and metal sounds with some bawdy humor and a twinkle deep Austrian topics as life in public housing, our questionable stranger policy hiccups of celebrities or the suffering of the tenured officials. Rotzpipn does not mince his words and their music is without regard to harmonies and drawers but with biting humor without any boarders.


Legendary Ausseer formation Rauhnacht presents new album full of musical surprises and border crossings. " Es dauert nema lång " (eng.: it does not take longer) is the recently published new Rauhnacht CD. In the coming weeks the album with concerts from Vienna to his native Ausseerland will be presented live. The 13 new songs offer a wild mix of styles combined with subtle lyrics. Recorded live at two winter nights at the Gasthof Veit in Gössl / Grundlsee in the Styrian Salzkammergut, supplemented and extended by studio recordings in the "Living Room Production Studios" by Ernst Gottschmann, unfolds the Rauhnacht band on the new CD intense enthusiasm and energy. The magic and mystery of the fabled Raunächte is captured and a musically snapshot of this area.