Popular evergreen in a Bulgarian commercial of Societe Generale Expressbank

We are happy to announce that one of the leading international financial institutions Societe Generale Expressbank has selected for their autumn ad and media campaign in Bulgaria the song "Sled Deset Godini" ("10 Years later") by FSB, which is 100 % administered by Warner Chappell Music Italiana SRL.
Originally written and performed by the legendary Italian band Le Orme back in 1975 under the title “Amico Di Ieri”, the song was covered two years later in 1977 by the iconic Bulgarian progressive rock band FSB. Their cover went mainstream hit very fast and the single “Sled Deset Godini” is still considered to be one of the most popular tracks in Bulgaria. The song is synced in an ad campaign for a brand new housing loan offered by Societe Generale Expressbank and is licensed for television, radio and internet use.
Song: "Sled Deset Godini" / Original title "Amico Di Ieri"
Artist: FSB
Music and lyrics by: A. Taglipietra, V. Marton, G.P. Reverberi, V. Pagliuca, M. Belchev
Published by:  Warner Chappell Music Italiana SRL