Schubert Music France signs PUNISH YOURSELF for the world!

PUNISH YOURSELF - an amazig French Act with "extreme music for those who never sleep!" now co-published by Schubert Music 

If ALICE COOPER suddenly tried to play hardcore techno, it probably would sound a bit like PUNISH YOURSELF… but only a bit. Nothing can compare to the wild ride you take when listening and watching to this colourful quartet. Since they emerged out of Toulouse (France) with their debut album « Feuer Tanz System » (1998), they have owned the roads, sharing stages with bands like DAS ICH, THE YOUNG GODS, SAMAEL, EPICA, NITZER EBB, THERION, IMPALED NAZARENE, CONVERGE, PROJECT PITCHFORK, HOCICO , OOMPH, QUEEN ADREENA, IMPALED NAZARENE, or also SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, FISHBONE or the SKATALITES - among many, many others ; headlining major European festivals like Dour (BE), Sziget (HU),  Fusion (DE), Hellfest (FR), WGT (DE), M’Era Luna (DE) or the Eurockéennes (FR).
Nothing can stop these glowing zombies of dark entertainment. PUNISH YOURSELF survived several changes in their line-up, while constantly pushing their creative boundaries further into the unknown. Eight studio albums, a live recording as well as a compilation of their early material gained them a dedicated following and they are now regarded as a major Cyberpunk reference of European counterculture. And now, PUNISH YOURSELF are coming for you… Forget your name, forget who you are and just let go. When these four horsemen of decadence hit the stage, anything can happen. The « Holiday In Guadalajara » promises to be a hell of a party that you will never forget… welcome again!

We are happy to cofirm that we have a worldwide co-publishing deal on the latest as well as all the previous albums so there is really much to enjoy

Punish Yourself
No Play Artist - title Length
1 Play Punish Yourself - Behold The Jaguar Christ 05:11
2 Play Punish Yourself - Becomes The Next Sun 01:34
3 Play Punish Yourself - La Reina De Agujas, Santisima Muerte En Su Traje De Carne Y Sangre 00:49
4 Play Punish Yourself - Abajo/Bajada 04:26
5 Play Punish Yourself - Nation To Nation 05:50
6 Play Punish Yourself - Spiders 375 Necromancers 05:20
7 Play Punish Yourself - Nagual Blues 06:42
8 Play Punish Yourself - William Seward's Got A Gun, 1951 01:04
9 Play Punish Yourself - CompaƱeros De La Santa Muerte 05:17
10 Play Punish Yourself - All You Zombies 05:15
11 Play Punish Yourself - Bienvenido Al Estado Libre Y Reunido De Mexxxas 02:19
12 Play Punish Yourself - Gunslinger 04:59
13 Play Punish Yourself - She Buys Me Drugs 05:24
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