"Stop The Rock" Apollo 440 in campaign of Autovit in Romania

We are happy to announce that Autovit has decided to use a song from our catalogue in its newest campaign started on 21st of September 2015. The chosen song is “Stop The Rock”, written by : Howard Gray, Trevor Gray, Ian Hoxley and Noko, administered by us in Romania o/b/o Sony/ATV.

Autovit.ro is the biggest car ads site in Romania. Here you can find thousands of ads for new and used cars for sale.
The spot is very entertaining, the action taking place at high speed and the ending being very surprising, the written  message saying “Is not you. It's your car.” Enjoy viewing the spot!
Title: “Stop The Rock”
Artist: Apollo 440
Written by: Howard Gray, Trevor Gray, Ian Hoxley and Noko
Published by: Reverb Music adm. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Sub-published by: Schubert Music Publishing srl