Hungarian public broadcaster held a press conference on Wednesday to announce the representative for the 2011 Eurovision song contest. Kati Wolf who became popular through the local version of X-Factor, will sing what about my dreams in Düsseldorf, a pop-song reminding of the 80's.

The song what about my dreams was composed by our feature author viktor rakonczai and gergÅ‘ rácz, who already represented hungary in the 1997 eurovision song contest as a part of the band v.i.p. moreover, they wrote the hungarian entry in 2008, candlelight, performed by csézy. Johnny k. Palmer, who became famous after his participation in the austrian talent show starmania, conributed the english lyrics.

"What About My Dreams brings back the atmosphere of the disco music of the 80s, in which I grew up and which I love, but the modern arrangement makes it up-to-date. This song represents the way I am, it is just like me and it makes me very happy that the audience likes it too! I am sure that all the 100 million viewers from across Europe and Hungary will love it too," says Kati Wolf about her entry.