D.E.R.O., ex-Oomph! singer, signs with Nexilis/Schubert Music Records, Schubert Music Publishing and MusicMerch

new signing
February 17, 2023

Former Oomph! frontman D.E.R.O. has signed a comprehensive artist contract with Schubert Music Records, where he will deliver the single “Clickbait” on the dark alternative label Nexilis on April 14th, 2023, a first harbinger of his solo debut “1984“, which will be released in September 2023 and distributed by The Orchard (digital) and Sony Music (physical). D.E.R.O. has also signed a new publishing deal with Schubert Music Publishing and a merchandise deal with Schubert subsidiary MusicMerch.

D.E.R.O. can look back on an extremely successful career spanning several decades and, together with his old band Oomph!, has won several gold and platinum awards as well as rank #1 in the Official German Singles Charts with “Augen auf”.

With his upcoming solo debut “1984”, due out in September 2023, D.E.R.O. revisits his electronic roots and the Oomph! debut from 1992 and covers the complete range from electro to synth-pop to old-school electronic body music (EBM). A feast for fans of the first hour!