Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard collaborates with Marcello De Francisci on new album ‘Exaudia’, out 26th August!

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May 17, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the signing of world-renowned artist Lisa Gerrard – composer/singer for Dead Can Dance  & Golden Globe Winner for the soundtrack to ‘Gladiator’ – in conjunction with Los Angeles-based composer/record producer Marcello De Francisci, for the release of their second and much-anticipated album ‘Exaudia’. 

Ms. Gerrard and Mr. De Francisci met many years ago whilst working on the soundtrack for  ‘Kings‘, which initiated a multitude of collaborative efforts such as soundtrack scores and their first album ‘Departum‘.  The first single from Exaudia, ‘Until We Meet Again’, is released on 17th June 2022, the same date that the album is available to pre-order.

Lisa Gerrard: “I met Marcello while I was composing for a film called Kings, he had wonderful engineering skills and I liked him as a person. After a while we decided to try composing together and went on to compose some film scores. I love the fact that Atlantic Curve do vinyl and were also very interested in pursuing the artistic side of the accompanying videos. They did a wonderful job promoting my last album ‘Burn’ using social media platforms and internet media.”

Marcello De Francisci: “It has been an absolute gift to work alongside Lisa once again on this work, which we wrote very much with the intention to inspire her fan base both on the listening and cinematic end.”

This latest Atlantic Curve album is scheduled for release on 26th August 2022.