As a forward-thinking, tech-reliant company, Schubert Music Publishing created and maintains S-Tunes – a perfect tool for active work with music and S-Count – royalties and copyright administration software that are flexible and easily updated to satisfy the demands of the near-constant changes of the global world market; we have customizable and scalable features to meet the needs of all rightholders.  

Our ability to search our repertoire and send customized play-lists to music supervisors, producers and recording artists underscores our modern, stream-lined operation.

Creative services
Copyright management
Other services

Music supervision

We pride ourselves not just on the millions of diverse copyrights we take care of, but also on our ‘one stop’ availability of copyright clearance.

Schubert also has a wealth of experienced songwriters ready to write for any specific brief your project may require, as well as the production expertise to execute it exactly as you need it. At Schubert, we are ready to help you find the perfect sound.


Our record in music licensing speaks for itself as we have provided countless licenses for some of the biggest clients in film, television, advertising and video gaming including T-Mobile, KFC, Skoda and Costa Coffee to name a few.

We are also experienced in helping clients find the right song to be covered or adapted for a project if necessary.


Schubert is ready to collaborate with producers of all kinds of media to achieve perfect music solutions. Our staff and writers are as professional as they are talented and aim to find or produce the right music as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our diverse range of artists and authors, we will always be able to match the right songwriter or producer to the right project.

Work registration

Technology is at the core of our business, and as such, we have our own flexible software for simple and efficient work registration. Our software enables us to register entire catalogues in bulk as well as individual works. In the hands of our experienced staff, our software keeps us at the forefront of industry standards and ready to react to any developments with speed.

Royalty accounting

Royalty accounting is another part of our business strengthened by our dedication to developing our own software solutions. We are able to deliver royalty accounting efficiently, in a variety of formats. We are also able to deliver quarterly accounting.

Income tracking

Our staff have vast experience of tracking both mechanical and performance income for our writers’ work. We are also well versed in tracking live performance income and looking for unidentified work lists.

Schubert is so much more than a music publisher. As well as offering neighbouring rights collection and library management, we fully embrace the ‘360’ music agency model and provide a wide range of music services, including promotion, management, digital release and live booking solutions.