Joachim Witt presents “Rübezahls Reise"

new release
February 25, 2022

Joachim Witt premieres the crowning glory of the Rübezahl trilogy – “Rübezahls Reise” album – the third and final excursion into his monumental worlds of sound and emotions. The conclusion of this series of sounds, which allowed a look deep into the soul of the experience, is not to be seen as the end of Rübezahl. Rather, the new album stands for the metaphorical journey and ongoing intellectual and actual development of the exceptional artist like Joachim Witt.

“Rübezahls Reise” was also created in a tried and tested cooperation with the “Lord of the Lost” mastermind Chris Harms. For the third time, the Hamburg-St. Pauli-born dark rock visionary Rübezahls Klangwelt. His doomy-monumental sound mixes extremely well with Rübezahl’s very own way of composing.

The album is 100% published by Schubert Music Publishing Hamburg, released by Joachim Witt’s own label called “Ventil” (which is also a part of SME international label structure)