Joachim Witt releases “Stern” (feat. Claudia Uhle) from his upcoming album “Rübezahls Reise”!

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December 17, 2021

“Stern” is the first single release from the upcoming album of the quarrelsome mountain spirit Rübezahl entitled “Rübezahls Reise”. This album is the crowning conclusion of the Rübezahl trilogy. After the last album “Rübezahls Rückkehr”, released in 2020, which convinced its listeners with an orchestral wild-romantic doom-rock sound, the follow-up release is now presented: “Rübezahls Reise”- the third and last excursion into Rübezahl’s monumental worlds of sound and emotion.
The gentle and at the same time haunting ballad “Stern” presents Rübezahl with a longtime musical confidant, his duet partner Claudia Uhle. Her delicate voice color forms a skillful contrast to Rübezahl’s powerful style of singing.