Lucia Tacchetti with her first release on our newly founded „Costa Futuro”!

new release
May 20, 2020

What a start! Lucia Tacchetti, our most recent signing to brand new „Costa Futuro”, powers up our label with a fantastic single „El Magnetismo”, which is a beautiful, dreamy synth pop version of a song written by a well-known Argentinian band called El Mató A Un Policia Motorizado. 

Already available on all of the streaming platforms, the single is receiving wonderful press so far, with Remzcla, the Brooklyn magazine, higlighting the track with this moving text:

El Magnetismo” is a slow-building ballad that continues Argentine singer-songwriter Lucía Tacchetti’s ongoing exploration of electronics and feelings. The emotional track recalls ‘80s synthpop at its most sweeping, as it builds towards a symphony of autotuned melodies and robotic strings that reach for the heavens. Although it’s still too early to call it, “El Magnetismo” can become a love song for the ages.” 

We are thrilled to have such wonderful talented artists on board – stay tuned for more!

Listen to the full song here: