MARIAN GOLD (ALPHAVILLE) signs with Schubert Music Publishing +++ New Edition “Marian Gold”

new signing
June 30, 2021

MARIAN GOLD, founder and singer of the internationally successful and legendary German Pop band ALPHAVILLE, has signed a publishing deal with Schubert Music Publishing and started his own edition “Marian Gold”.

From now on, all of Marian Gold’s solo works will be published in said edition. It all begins with Marian’s shares in a featuring („Job of Dying Young”) on Westbam’s new album “Famous Last Songs Vol. 1” as well as a one-off production with producer and songwriter Volker Lutz (T.O.Y. / Sonicstage Studios) for a limited special compilation in honor of the legendary West-Berlin club Metropol on the Collector’s Label Private Records, which will be released in the second half of 2021.

Marian Gold, Alphaville manager Christian Mielke and Schubert Music Publishing Managing Director and SME Head of Recorded Music Thomas Thyssen met up in Berlin to sign the contract.