Molnár Tamás wins the Artisjus Award for the Songwriter of the Year

June 15, 2023

The Artisjus Award for Songwriter of the Year aims to consistently highlight those creators who are capable of repeatedly writing lyrics that express deep, often personal experiences and their lessons, while making them accessible, understandable, and relatable to everyone.

These songs are about real stories written by people who can transform things from the darkest places into artistic expression – something that few are capable of.

We are very proud working since his first attempts with Molnár Tamás, who has been tirelessly working on his own songs and those he has written for others since his teenage years; he already has hundreds of compositions behind him. In every project and band he is involved in, he rejuvenates himself, is capable of change, not only in music and styles but also in his personality.

Surviving and processing the highs and lows of the past twenty years on stage, he has become a successful and recognized artist.

He sets an example for both his contemporaries and the younger generation today because behind his successes, we can see and feel his persistent work, determination, and incredible willpower.