Polly Scattergood presents "Butterfly" - a short film to accompany "In This Moment" LP

new release
July 17, 2020

Following the release of her latest album ‘In This Moment’ to critical acclaim, Polly Scattergood releases ‘Butterfly’ a short film comprised of five songs from the album.

Polly worked closely with James Ayling from Cape Films who brought a new visual narrative to Polly’s songs – “As I was writing the album, I was aware it was becoming very cinematic, due in part to the soundscapes around some of the tracks. I liked the idea of making a short film that also worked as 5 individual videos.”

Shot guerrilla-style before lockdown ‘Butterfly’ “is about cause and effect, how one moment can change everything”. The story that Cape Films developed addresses difficult issues but Polly emphasized “I wanted it to end with a really positive message focusing on inner strength and finding peace.” Katie Clarkson-Hill played the female lead and “didn’t complain once as she was walking into the ocean in a floaty summer dress on a typically grey and very cold British winter’s day. I’m really proud of what our small but dedicated team delivered.”.

‘Butterfly’ is available online from today – watch it here.