Jaran Hereid

January 29, 2019

Jaran (full name: Jaran Hereid) is a songwriter whose work bridges multiple genres and eras. He has proven that he’s not only able to meet every musical challenge that comes his way, but he consistently goes above and beyond what’s expected by writing more and better songs.
Success in Europe
Hailing from western Norway, Jaran has worked and written extensively in Norway’s rock and metal scenes. While always diverse, his songwriting vastly expanded following his 2015 signing to publisher Hacate Entertainment Group (HEG). Blown away by Jaran’s Doomsday Rock band Yuma Sun, HEG President Sarah-Chanderia obtained Europe-wide distribution deals for the band’s first two albums within days of hearing them for the first time. The Europe-wide release of the band’s third album Watch Us Burn (2016-Membran) resulted in multi-national rave reviews, radio play and touring. And packed appearances at industry conferences: Larm (Norway), Reeperbahn (Germany), MIDEM (France) and Eurosonic (The Netherlands) have resulted in widespread industry attention and further acclaim.

International Cuts/Co-writing:
A worldwide co-publishing deal between HEG and Schubert Music Publishing followed in October, 2016 –  a relationship that is already bearing fruit. In the U.K., Jaran has written songs for and/or with Mute Records artist Polly Scattergood and fellow Mute artist (and Mercury Music Prize-nominated) James Chapman, as well as Ben Collier (whose work at London’s Metropolis Studios includes Rihanna, Mick Ronson, will.i.am and David Guetta), Julian Simmons (who has worked with Ed Sheeran and former Spice Girl Geri Helliwell), and new artist Jamie Jamieson. Jaran has also remixed for English supergroup Love Amongst the Ruin (whose members hail from The Cure and Placebo).
Elsewhere in Europe, Jaran has co-written songs intended for artists ranging from Belgium’s hit dance artist Kate Ryan (winner of the World Music Award) to hit Polish artist Piotr Gozdek; additional work in Poland includes the band De Mono, the Bardotka Trio, Pawel Kowalczyk and Ewa Szlachcic. His work with Austrian Georg Lichtenauer and German-based multi gold and platinum songwriter/producer Sandi Strmljan has resulted in songs for a variety of artists, and he has written with up-and-coming US/UK rapper Dan Cody Marston. And he has now turned his eyes east, including writing for hit Korean artists and several upcoming J-pop sessions in Tokyo. In addition, he has turned his hand to electronica with the new project Hippow, which combines original tracks and innovative remixes.

Jaran has successfully participated in writing camps in Germany (Reeperbahn Writing Days), Portugal (where he was granted a residency and worked with Portuguese artists Yafeni and Soundskillz during the Westway Lab Festival) and the Norwegian Songs camp held in conjunction with the Larm festival (where he co-wrote songs for Universal and Sony artists). Jaran’s compositions have also been featured in Nordic film projects, as well as a new European beer campaign.

Schubert Music Publishing / Hacate hold publishing rights worldwide