Joachim Witt

February 20, 2019

Joachim Witt is a legendary fixture in German music history, having played a decisive role in the creation and development of modern German music. After starting his career as the guitarist/singer in the 1970s Krautrock band Duesenberg. Witt embarked on a long and celebrated solo career as a singer and actor. He was one of the biggest names of the “Neue Deutsche Welle” (New German Wave) movements in the 80’s, as well as one of the originators of Neue Deutsche Harrte (German for “New German Hardness) a crossover of metal, industrial, electronics, and techno elements that developed in Germany during the mid-1990s. Witt has been noted as an influence on bands such as Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Oomph!, Unheilig, and many more.

Over his prolific career, Witt has released 18 albums. Starting with his breakthrough 1980 album Silberblick, containing the single Der Goldene Reiter, he continues to create through such highlights as his 1998 smash Bayreuth I and the platinum DOM in 2012, with his last release from 2020, RUBEZAHLS RUCKKEHR.

The album, being the successor to his previous work called RUBEZAHL (2018), in collaboration with Chris Harms, was financed through crowdfunding and is filled with loud riffs, epic hymns and superiority of Joachim Witt’s voice – with „The Return/die Ruckkehr” being the most recent single from the album, his last full length production is considered by many as one of his greatest.