February 2, 2024

Singer, songwriter, and musician, Mika Urbaniak, has been involved in music since the age of 11 and has been composing and performing ever since. Raised by two legendary jazz artists, Urszula Dudziak and Michal Urbaniak, pioneers of fusion jazz, she grew up in the world of music and art. Pop, jazz, and hip-hop, have been her main musical directions, although she has a highly expansive creative imagination, allowing her to experiment with various styles.

“The music I love is the music that speaks to the heart, tells the truth, and gives people something to think about,” says Mika. Her unique, full-of-warmth voice mesmerizes listeners. Her rhythmic, compelling, and personal rap style adds another dimension to her expressive approach.

She has collaborated with Andrzej Smolik, known for creating radio hits like “OM” and “Enjoy the Sound.” For years, she has been performing worldwide and sharing the stage with artists such as Lenny White, Tom Browne, Al McDowell, Richard Bona, and Hiram Bullock. She has also performed with Quincy Jones and his Big Band, gaining favorable reviews for her contributions. Her debut album, “Closer,” received the prestigious Fryderyk Award for the best album in 2009.

Mika collaborated with producer Victor Davies on the creation of the album “Follow You,” which won the Best Pop Album award, and “Once in a Lifetime,” inspired by jazz music. Their latest collaborative album, “Art Pop,” features covers from the ’80s and ’90s in excellent arrangements.


Currently, she is working on a new album inspired by funk and hip-hop.