Gusztav Stiedl

February 13, 2019

Gusztav started to work in the music industry as Special Project manager at Polygram in 1998. Two years later he joined Koch Music Publishing led by Andreas Schubert. Since the start in 2003, he is the MD and A&R of Schubert Music Publishing Kft, Warner Chappell Music Hungary and EMI Publishing Hungary.
His complex and deep knowledge about copyright and the music industry makes him an outstanding expert of publishing. He deals with the accountings, administration, royalties, contracts and copyright with the same passion as with the Artists SMP works with. Due to his cooperation with local society (Artisjus) and especially good relationships with the bigger and smaller market players he became an influencer of the Hungarian music scene. He has great communication with Hungary’s most fruitful and talented writers, giving the support to their work. However, he also enjoys linking Hungarian musicians with international Artists and possibilities. He is truly committed to the music industry.